Fellmann & De Tuoni – 
The Munich law firm
for inheritance law and
estate planning.

Welcome to the board certified attorneys in inheritance law located in the center of Munich in Lothstraße 1, next to Nymphenburger Straße.

Why should you choose Fellmann & De Tuoni ?

Because we are board certified attorneys in inheritance law.

All attorneys in our firm are board certified attorneys in inheritance law. As board certified attorneys, we have successfully completed advanced education in inheritance law and are recognized as “specialist lawyers in inheritance law” by the Munich Bar Council.

Because you are always our main focus of attention.

Our full attention and engagement are given to your case, concerns and questions. We explain the legal position, prospects of success and costs in a comprehensible and honest manner. We work with passion for you and are only satisfied when you are.

And: we are available at all times for you as our client. Some colleagues refer to their lectures, book publications and secondary activities – in our law firm however, you have our utmost priority.Giving you the certainty of having a trusted partner at your side, advising you optimally and handling your affairs with the highest dedication and success – therein we see our task as your attorneys.

Inheritance law is very extensive and difficult. Moreover, it touches a sensitive area of life. We never lose sight of this important point in our daily work. Inheritance disputes within families are often a great burden for the persons involved. Especially in such conflicts, our experience helps us to maintain objectivity.
In the matter of drafting wills and estate planning, we strive to reach suitable solutions in order to avoid unnecessary and costly disputes.

Therefore: Rely on us as your trusted partner for inheritance law and estate planning.

You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)89 / 18 93 98 60  or by writing kanzlei@muenchen-erbrecht.com.

You can also leave a message and your contact information, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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